The influence of intelligence on digital content creation

The topic of artificial intelligence is a concern in cinema, especially at the height of the Hollywood crisis. But should we necessarily fear AI? We are looking for several ways of thinking.

From Metropolis Fritz Lang In 1927, almost a century ago, artificial intelligence was at the heart of many cinematic creations. most of the time artificial intelligence is an enemy to be defeated, an entity that wants to destroy man and his self-destructive tendencies to replace him with a harmonious and well-regulated system.. Some filmmakers have tried to take a less Manichean approach when looking for the dizzying possibilities of collaborating with artificial intelligence. Blade Runner Ridley Scott revolutionized the treatment of the subject with his replicants.

Minority Report, AI: Artificial Intelligence, Westworld : there are many works dealing with the topic and they are increasing every year. in 2023 Mission: Impossible – Deadly Reckoning Part 1 made his antagonist an artificial intelligence that could predict Tom Cruise’s every move. And vice versa, Creator Makes AI the ally and humans the villains of the story.

In the early 2020s, the object suddenly moved to the other side of the screen. The world of entertainment is discovering the possibilities of this technology, which is sure to revolutionize production methods. HAVELAlthough the screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood is over, the strike by actors, terrified of the idea of ​​being replaced, continues.

Before it changes the world, AI will change cinema and series. A short film created entirely by AI was released at the end of June, Frost, was born. Without a camera, without an actor. And in October, Disney was singled out for replacing extras with (poor) AI images.

AI, a tool to be tamed

True, the world of cinema will undergo metamorphoses. Trying to delay this development seems difficult. Many filmmakers, who are nevertheless the first concerned, encourage us to interact with artificial intelligence with their films, Gareth Edwards at the forefront. According to an agreement reached between the screenwriters and the studios after the strike ended, stated that screenwriters have the right to use AI to write scriptsif the company allows it.

On the other hand, it is clearly stated that artificial intelligence cannot be considered the source of the project and therefore cannot replace the screenwriting profession. As a result of their strike, the screenwriters got the rules for AI as a writing assistant without changing them. Maybe a strike cast will help them find a similar arrangement, but we wonder what the fate of the extras will be.

Man’s best friend

AI is here

Behind these highly publicized events lies a practical reality. AI is already ubiquitous in the world of animation and special effects. France, which ranks 3rd in the world as an exporter of animation, is probably the country that has best benefited from the huge productivity gains offered by artificial intelligence. Tech companies love it Nvidia Or epic (and its Unreal Engine), have become entertainment heavyweights.

The consequences of this revolution: the convergence of the means of production in the film and video game industries. Artists and technicians attend the same schools and use the same tools. New occupations related to the use of AI are on the rise, and so is the supply structure Artificial Intelligence training certified by Datascientest.

AI assistance combined with the computing power of the latest machines now allows small teams to engage in large projects and compete with large productions. As long as we give these teams the minimum amount of time they need to do their job properly, which isn’t always the case. There are bound to be many mishaps and changes to be made, but nothing can stop the process fueled by the insatiable demand for content on streaming platforms. They have to cater to a growing number of subscribers and can once again rely on AI to better understand their desires.

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