The Invincible will be entitled to a physical release on PS5 and Xbox

Merge games, 11-bit studio And Just for games stated that The invincible there will be a physical release soon PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X.

Enter the world of world-renowned author Stanislav Lem’s science fiction, take on the role of a famous scientist and discover the planet Regis III. Immerse yourself in a philosophical narrative and a futuristic adventure in search of the missing crew and face unexpected threats.

Standard physical versions of The Invincible will be available from all the usual retailers. Additionally, there will be a Signature Edition equipped with:

  • Game physics with a special edition skin
  • 3D glasses and anaglyph postcards
  • “Invincible” art poster.
  • Embroidered Crest and Set of 4 Enamel Pins
  • Original comics including artwork and digital soundtrack
  • notebook
  • Signature edition box

Your name is Jasna and you are a highly skilled, intelligent astrobiologist. Caught in a space race, you and your crew find yourself on the unexplored planet Regis III. The scientific voyage quickly turns into a mission to find the missing crew members. Follow in his footsteps, but be fully aware that every decision you make can bring you closer to danger.

Discover breathtaking scientific phenomena in a cosmic and philosophical adventure in the heart of disturbing landscapes. Discover the fragments of the lost and report to your Astrogator, letting his voice guide you through difficult times.

Main features:

  • A first-person game based on the story of The Invincible by Stanislav Lem.
  • Take part in a philosophical adventure on an unexplored planet.
  • Play as Jasna, a highly skilled and fast astrobiologist.
  • Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of atomic punk using various tools, such as a rangefinder or a tracker.
  • Make important decisions and watch the different endings of your journey.

The invincible is expected on November 7 next year in the physical edition Standard And Signature On PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X.

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