The League of Professional Fighters and SRJ Sports Investments Sign a Global MMA Investment Agreement | Professional fighter league news

  • Investing in encouraging the PFL to sign more talented and star fighters

  • The investment will accelerate global expansion, including the launch of the PFL MENA League in 2024

  • PFL PPV SUPER FIGHTS will start and take place in Saudi Arabia in 2024

  • The investment will facilitate increased sporting activity in Saudi Arabia and MENA

RIYADH/NEW YORK (August 30, 2023)
– The Professional Fighters League (PFL) and SRJ Sports Investments (SRJ) today announced an investment agreement to accelerate PFL’s global expansion, recruit top fighters and grow its fan base to become one of the leaders in MMA worldwide.

Under the agreement, SRJ acquired a minority stake in the PFL and will become an investor in the new regional league, PFL MENA, which is expected to launch in 2024, as well as support the expansion of the PFL in Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region. . In addition, SRJ and PFL will develop and host PFL PPV SUPER FIGHTS mega events in Saudi Arabia.

“PFL’s mission is to become the world leader in MMA with our fighter mission and disruptive sports season format,” said PFL Founder and Chairman Donn Davis. “This investment by SRJ continues the tremendous growth the PFL has experienced around the world, and there is no better partner in global sport than SRJ.”

SRJ Chairman Bander Bin Mogren said: “Today marks a new stage for SRJ as we invest in the start-up. SRJ is shaping a new era of sports in Saudi Arabia and accelerating the growth of the country’s sports economy. This investment aims to nurture the local and regional talent pool in martial arts, promote gender equality in sports and provide new opportunities directly to Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.

“PFL and SRJ share the same vision for MMA – the biggest star fighters, massive global events and global expansion to bring the sport to all regions – and we are excited and excited to have SRJ as our investment partner,” said PFL. CEO Peter Murray. “The PFL has become the clear #2 MMA company in just five years, and with SRJ’s support, the best of the PFL is yet to come.


PFL plans until 2026. to launch and develop six international regional leagues, creating the first “MMA Champions League”. PFL successfully launched PFL Europe 2023; first international regional league. Each international regional league features the best fighters from their respective region, with all regional events and premium media coverage in live broadcast time. PFL MENA will start in 2024. in the second quarter, and the four-event sports season schedule has been announced this fall.


in 2024 The PFL is launching its new division, PFL PPV SUPER FIGHTS, which will showcase the best MMA fighters and the biggest global fight stars on the planet. Francis Ngannou – MMA fighter no. 1 pound for pound and former UFC heavyweight champion – has an exclusive MMA contract and 2024. fights for the PFL. Jake Paul is the most influential figure in combat sports and a leading fighter. – has an exclusive MMA contract and 2024 fights for the PFL. The first PFL PPV SUPER FIGHT will take place in 2024. Q1, with details on the main fighters and venue to be announced this fall.


PFL is the #2 MMA company worldwide and #1 fastest growing by all major metrics. The PFL is the only MMA entity with a season-long format where individual fighters compete in the regular season, playoffs and championship every year, making the PFL a “win and advance” meritocracy like every other major sports league.

The roster of fighters for the PFL league season is top class and global, with 25% of PFL fighters independently ranked in the top 25 in the world and 30 countries represented. PFL is a leader in technology and innovation with the patented SmartCage next-generation viewing experience, including real-time data and live betting odds.

PFL has two dozen major brand sponsors, including Bose, GEICO, the US Marine Corps and Celsius Energy Drink. The PFL is broadcast live in the US on ESPN and ESPN+, broadcast and broadcast to 150 countries with more than 20 leading international media distribution partners.


SRJ (/Surge/) Sports Investments is a leading sports investor, wholly owned by PIF, created to develop a world-class sports sector in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

SRJ Sports Investments focuses on sustainable investments in technology, media, programming, intellectual property rights and venue commercialization – serving the sports sector in Saudi Arabia and across the MENA region.


The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is the #1 fastest growing sports league and #2 MMA company worldwide. The PFL offers viewers the most innovative sports viewing experience, and the PFL is the only MMA league with a season-long sports format.

The PFL has four global live fighting franchises: PFL League Season, PFL Challenger Series, PFL PPV SUPER FIGHTS and PFL International Regional League.

PFL was founded in 2018. and is backed by major investors including SRJ, Ares, Knighthead, Luxor Capital, Waverley Capital, Elysian Park Ventures and numerous NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS team owners.

MMA is the growth sport of this decade, with 650 million fans worldwide, the youngest audience of any sport and truly global revenue streams.; Instagram (@PFLmma); Twitter (@PFLMMA); Facebook (/PFLmma)

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