The Mercedes MBUX infotainment system reads your horoscope and runs tests

Today, selling a vehicle without infotainment and smartphone compatibility is a guarantee of losing customers. To keep the field open to CarPlay (Apple) and Android Auto (Google), automakers had to step up and show imagination. So, everyone used their home interface, where voice recognition and synthesis differ. Predecessors include BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

The same Mercedes that will surprise its world with MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), an interface with artificial intelligence, as well as a voice command called Linguatronic, signed by Cerence (formerly Nuance Communications), a specialist in the genre. The result, it is enough to call him a “Hey Mercedes” ask to perform any actions in the vehicle, such as increasing or decreasing the temperature, finding a radio station, restaurant, address, etc. The icing on the cake is that this system is scalable and can integrate new words. .

Loosen the tie

Unless we can change the way we ask (required by marketing), as is the case with BMW, MBUX will be allowed to take over dating from April. Among the Germans, who are known all over the world for their humor (…), we call it “tie loosening”.

Among other expected features, the horoscope can be read by voice input of birth date or astrological sign. Christine Haas better watch out. This service is currently available in German and English.

Another fun and family-friendly service offered: quizzes. To occupy our precious little ones and avoid “who's coming?”, MBUX plays the role of quiz master. The game consists of guessing different world capitals using clues. Waiting for the version A question for the champion or karaoke function…

Finally, for ski enthusiasts, MBUX is transformed into a weather station, providing information on snow conditions at altitude and in the valley, as well as the number of lifts available and operating.

In short, your Mercedes is about to become a second home that can start a conversation with you, or almost.

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