The Ministry of Economic Development has published a high-tech White Paper.

The Ministry of Economic Development, together with the Higher School of Economics, National Technology Initiative Centers, relevant departments and leading companies, has announced “White paper“High technology in Russia and abroad”.

According to the order of the President of the Russian Federation, from 2019 the implementation of 16 agreements of intent between the Government of the Russian Federation and the 10 largest state-owned corporations and companies to develop high-tech areas, reports Ministry of Economic Development.

The document includes ten technologies: artificial intelligence; Internet of Things; fifth generation mobile networks (5G); quantum computing; quantum communications; distributed book technologies; technologies for energy transmission and distributed intelligent energy systems; technologies for the development of electricity storage systems, including portable ones; new materials and materials technologies; advanced space systems.

The Ministry of Economic Development plans to update the document annually “so that the government and state-owned enterprises respond in a timely manner to global trends.”

The term White Paper is borrowed from English. The name is conditional, the phrase has no direct meaning. This is the most general, introductory, tentative, but official document. The term is primarily similar to “road map”, a term that is also translated into Russian on paper: “Road Map”.

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