The National Assembly adopts a text that abolishes the obligation of caregivers to vaccinate against Covid-19

National Assembly adopted in the first reading on Thursday, May 4, regarding the cancellation of the vaccination obligation against Covid, rather than simply stopping it. With the help of various opposition groups and against the advice of the government, 157 MPs voted in favor, 137 voted against. The text will continue its parliamentary shuttle with a reading in the Senate.

The vaccination obligation for people working in the medical and paramedical sector (established by law since 2021) can only be suspended today, as provided by the decree. A measure already announced by Health Minister Francois Brown. Caregivers will be considered reinstated, according to the minister’s directive to Agence France-Presse (AFP). ” the day after tomorrow “ publication of this decree scheduled for May 14.

[Ce] the decree will only suspend the suspension, leaving the option for the government” to use it again, lamented Guyana (GDR-Nupes) MP Jean-Victor Castor, who authored the bill and used the elected Communist parliamentary niche to submit it for a vote in the National Assembly. The vaccination duty had caused great resentment in the overseas departments.

Permanent cancellation “there would be dangerous consequences” And “weaken our ability to respond”responded Health Minister Francois Brown, claiming that “pandemics (…) there will be others”. “Things are done in terms of reintegration”had also defended Mr. Brown.

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