The new song “Energy” has been played on several streaming tracks. Adi shot the MV and shed tears of joy | Entertainment | Central news agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Wang from KKBOX broadcast and Taiwan iTunes region. . Member Adi choked up and shed “tears of joy” during the MV filming because he was so happy that the members reunited.

Energy is a famous male singing and dancing group in Taiwan. It was officially founded in 2002. July 12 It consists of Niu Niu, Adi, Shuwei, Kunda and Toro. in 2005 group leader Ye Naiwen announced his departure from the group as he wanted to focus on his dance dream. Finally, in 2009 they developed separately but only officially announced their breakup when the five members reunited at a concert in Kaohsiung last May Day, sparking heated debate.

According to information provided by the record company, Energy's new song “Breaking Together” topped the KKBOX real-time chart and Taiwan's iTunes champion after its release, and also topped the daily Chinese KKBOX new song chart.

When Adi was filming the MV, he was asked which lyrics from “Breaking and Reunion” moved him to tears. He replied that the words “Thank you for love lost and found” left the greatest impression on him, because after thinking about the separation and reunion experienced in recent years, reunion is a rare thing; Shu Wei described the tears she shed as “tears of joy.”

Toro also cried during filming. He laughed and said: “All of a sudden I thought I wasn't going to cry, but the vibe came back as soon as the music started and I was instantly transported back to 22 years ago. My tears were like a faucet that couldn't be turned off. (Editor: Zhang Yajing) 1130131

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