The shadow of an underdog in the 2022 presidential election

Chronic. In the spring of 2020, the corridors of power burst with a great deal of supposed danger: the sudden appearance of a populist figure outside the party in the presidential game, against the backdrop of dismantling. Emmanuel Macron himself had fueled this scenario, calling on Jean-Marie Bigard and Eric Zemmour – one simply for criticizing the government, the other for attacking him on the street – and then visiting the controversial infectious disease specialist Ridney. . A cleverly orchestrated strategy of demonization, which makes it possible to show that he considers what these figures represent – they all embody, in their own way, the rift between people and elites – while trying to capture part of their popularity, the risk of legitimizing them. .

In a research book, The clown temptation (Buchet-Chastel, 288 pages, 21.90 euros), journalist Laetitia Krupa analyzes this phenomenon, inherent in our tired democracies. As early as 1965, the humorist Pierre Dac, inventor of “Schmilblick” and “MOU” (“single wave motion”), threatened to introduce himself before Charles de Gaulle, who had thought of the joke, was ordered to order. had gone too far.

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Then it was Coluche’s turn, “Icon out of system”, “first charlotte that made the power tremble”Translating a social despair against the backdrop of the rejection of elites (“Everything is rotten”), the comedian wants to represent those who are not. Discontinue, his candidacy will remain as “Monumental kick in the political anthill”The

Since then, the figure of the “clown” hovers over French political life, returning to storytelling every presidential election, against the backdrop of collapsing parties and ideologies, and a loss of credibility of politics.

Forty years after the Coluche, the “yellow vests” defended similar values, “Part between the honorary arm and the fraternity”, one “Deep reason for equality” mixed with liberalism, observes the former president of Restos du cœur, Jean-Michel Vaguelsy. The clown temptationBut the “yellow vests”, without leaders and without strategy, failed to create a political offering, unlike comedian Bebe Grillo, who relied on data “To inoculate hatred for the established” and make the 5 Star Movement triumph in Italy in 2013. The populist wave reached Ukraine, Slovenia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, and even the United States with Donald Trump.

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