The “suspension” of the vaccination card and the end of wearing the mask in many parts of France from March 14

These are two important elements of the daily life of the French people that will soon end. The Prime Minister, Jean Castes, announced on Thursday, March 3, that the wearing of the mask would end on March 14, “in all places where it is still applicable, that is, rather inside”in shops, schools, businesses or even administrations – but not in transport, health facilities and accommodation for the elderly (Ehpad).

Mr Kastex also announced “suspension” vaccination card, which will also be valid from 14 March. The device, which went into effect at the end of January, will still be maintained in some places.

“The conditions are met for a new phase of concessions, so I announce that we will stop applying the vaccination card from Monday, March 14, wherever it is in force.”, the head of government said. The health card will remain valid in health care facilities, as will the obligation to vaccinate carers.

At the end of January, the government had drawn up a timetable for the lifting of health restrictions, in particular the abolition of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors (coming into force on 2 February) or the resumption of nightclubs and the resumption of standing concerts. since 16 February.

The end date of the vaccination card and the wearing of the mask indoors were not specified. However, Health Minister Olivier Veran announced on 2 February that the vaccination card could be canceled “long before July”, “spring”, believing that ” the worst ” of the epidemic was “behind us”.

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