The USM School of Leadership “A-Team” presents at the Oceans 2023 Conference

Thu, 11/02/2023 – 08:43 | Author: Dena Temple

Four professors from the University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Management recently led lectures at the OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast Conference and Exposition in Biloxi.

The OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast Conference provided the world’s marine professionals with an opportunity to learn, innovate and lead in the protection and use of the world’s greatest natural resource, our oceans.

The technical programs brought together some of the world’s innovators in marine research to highlight their latest findings. Additionally, educators provided in-depth training on project management, cybersecurity, leadership fundamentals, advanced technology, and interpersonal skills. The topics were selected by surveying trade organizations to determine which programs would be useful to them.

Participation in Oceans 2023 from the School of Leadership:

  • dr. Heather Annulis presented “Creating a Culture of High Trust,” emphasizing how to build rewarding working relationships through mutual respect and cooperation. Annulis is Director of the School of Management and Professor of Human Capital Development.
  • dr. Bradley Winton presented “Building Emotional Intelligence” to help participants define this concept and understand its importance in the workplace. Exercises and self-assessments helped participants identify their emotional abilities and find room for improvement. dr. Winton is an assistant professor of management at the School of Leadership.
  • dr. Casey Maugh Funderburk presented “Effective Coaching in the Workplace” which examines essential coaching skills using educational materials and role-playing to become a successful coach in the workplace. dr. Maugh Funderburk is Associate Professor of Human Capital Development in the School of Management.
  • dr. Gregory Bradley presented “Using Analytics to Reduce Uncertainty in Organizational Decision Making.” dr. Bradley explained how managers should look at the business environment through two lenses: first, to identify high-risk but rewarding opportunities, such as entering new markets or changing business models; second, to implement analytics into their core business decision-making process. He is a professor at the Faculty of Management.

The School of Management is located within the College of Business and Economic Development at the University of Southern Mississippi and operates on USM’s Coastal campus in Long Beach, Mississippi. Its undergraduate degree programs include Accounting, Applied Technology, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology (Logistics), Management and Marketing. Graduate programs include Human Capital Development, Human Capital Development (Learning Technology and Design), Learning Technology and Design, and Logistics, Trade and Transportation.

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