These are the 20 best nurses in Mexico

  • The Italian Florence Nightingale, born on May 12, 1820, is considered the creator of the modern care model.
  • As part of its centennial year, Sigma Theta Tau International has released a list of the 100 most courageous sisters in Latin America and the Caribbean who promote excellence in nursing.
  • The list includes 20 Mexican nurses who are now considered among the best in the region.

Healthcare professionals are essential to ensure the well-being of patients. Their work is too difficult because there are too many activities and there is always a shortage of time. Although the doctor is the central element, it is also necessary to create an adequate workforce to offer a full-fledged service. Other players in the health sector include nurses, although only a few have managed to stand out and be considered among the best in Mexico.

The staff in this area does not complement the doctors as they both have different training. Although in the end both need each other to provide full support.

In the case of nurses, their empathy and humanitarianism are essential because they are in constant contact with patients. They must always project security to reassure people in times of crisis.

The creator of the modern model of nursing

In fact, the Italian Florence Nightingale is considered the creator of the modern nursing model. Born on May 12, 1820, she had to overcome several barriers from the world and times in which she lived from an early age.

At that time, it was believed that women had a duty to devote themselves to the home and it was not possible for them to pursue a university education. Although in this case her aspirations were greater and thanks to this she managed to be the first woman to be accepted Royal British Statistical Society. He also became an honorary member of the society American Statistical Association.

After qualifying, she laid the foundations for the professionalization of nursing by establishing her own nursing school in 1860 St. Thomas's Hospital, London. It thus became the first secular nursing school in the world.

Returning to the present, the association Sigma Theta Tau International just published a list of 100 Bravest Nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean promoting excellence in nursing.

The main purpose of this honorary society is to strengthen leadership in nursing. It is also responsible for supporting education, training and research initiatives aimed at strengthening the specialty worldwide.

The recognition was announced in the group's official publication for Latin America and the Caribbean in honor of its first 100 years.

Top 20 Nurses in Mexico

The most notable is that it appears in the list Top 20 Nurses in Mexico is considered one of the best in the region. They appear in no particular order, as each person's work is equally important.

  • Mary Guadalupe Brown to Monsiva
  • Berta Cecilia Salazar Gonzalez
  • Maria Magdalena Alonso Castillo
  • Maria de los Angeles Paz Morales
  • Hortensia Castaneda Hidalgo
  • Juana Mercedes Gutierrez Valverde
  • Dora Julie Onofre
  • Daniel Schopener Aguilar
  • Esther Carlota Gallegos Cabriales
  • Rosa Amaryllis Zárate Grajales
  • Raul Fernando Guerrero Castaneda
  • Raquel Alicia Benavides Torres
  • Miguel Angel Villegas Pantoya
  • Milton Carlos Guevara Valtier
  • Maria Gloria Vega Argote
  • Nora Hilda Gonzalez Quirarte
  • Lucio Rodriguez Aguilar
  • Fausto Armando Duarte Rios
  • George Williams Chale Swimming Pool
  • Jose Ramon Martinez Riera

From my side, Sigma Theta Tau International is one of the largest nursing organizations in the world, it was founded a century ago, in 1922, Indiana University, USAand gradually established itself as an international company.

Finally, if you want to see Here you can create not only the best ranking of nurses in Mexico, but also in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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