Thierry Lhermitte’s big announcement!

This Thursday, September 21, 2023, is World Alzheimer’s Day. Editorial staff for this event THE NEWS

spoke at length with Thierry Lhermitte. For almost 20 years, the famous actor and member of the troupe Splendid has been the godfather of the Medical Research Foundation. Passionate about scientific research, he is actively involved in the fight against this disease and supports the affected patient. Recently, the actor also visited Lille, where he had the opportunity to speak with Luc Buée, CNRS Research Director and Director of the Lille Neuroscience & Cognition Research Center.

That is why researcher reporter Thierry Lhermitte confided in the columns of our colleagues about the promising achievements. “Luc Buée’s essay refers to a previously unknown form of the Tau protein that could be its precursor. Due to degradation, Tau protein accumulates in cells and destroys neurons in the brain. If this newly discovered form is indeed the ‘pre-Tau protein.'” the use of an antibody could destroy it before it attains its usual known form, so that it can neither be created nor grow.” he explained, before mentioning another promising treatment that’s been approved in the US but refused in Europe.

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The actor announced a call for donations

A determined actor who played a grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s disease The final Robin Sykes also called for donations. According to him, “A third of the budget of the laboratories is private donations, and they have another function that complements the public support. The last one, which should be funded more, pays for the equipment and fixed operating costs. But then for each project the researcher manages to find money from different agencies, companies and private donors.

And in conclusion: “People can donate at or put €10 towards their phone bill by texting ‘ACT’ to 92 300. It’s not just ‘a little extra money’, it’s very important.” The message has been received!


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