This is how one of the best sports cars in the world is built

Bugatti has released technical specifications, photos and new information about Racing carits the most extreme supercar ever designed exclusively for the track.

According to the brand, this isn’t “just” a Chiron that’s specifically for the circuit. Molsheim engineers have completely redesigned the chassis, now carbon fiber monocoque. The images released by the manufacturer highlight the basics of this monster on four wheels.

A race car that isn’t quite a race car

New chassis specially designed Racing caris not only stiffer compared to the Chiron, but also designed to satisfy to the LMH and LMDh regulations dedicated to endurance cars.

According to Bugatti, in order to gain FIA approval, the Bolide had to pass a test in which a load of 7.5 tonnes was placed on the A-pillar with no more than 50mm deflection at the point of application of the load. But that’s not all. The surrounding structure within a radius of 100 mm from this point also had to withstand the same load.

The entire Bolide had no cracks during the test, while passing other tests with flying colours. For example, a 12-ton force was applied to the B-pillar in a rollover test. In another test, a carbon fiber monocoque was subjected to a longitudinal load of 6 tons in an attempt to simulate a rear-end rollover. -final impact against the barrier.

The most extreme Bugatti in history?

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