Top 14 – Stade français thrash Castres convincingly

Frustrated after their first defeat of the season at Bayonne last weekend, Stade Français settled things in a big way with a 39-16 win against Castres in Jean-Buin this Saturday night.

Delete the failure in Bayonne as soon as possible and bounced home against a direct rival in the top six. That’s how the Parisians approached this meeting this Saturday night at Jean Bouin. And from the first minutes of the game, the people of Ildefrans arrive with good intentions. Despite the wind, Zach Henry allowed his teammates to take the lead and put pressure on the evening’s opponents (3-0, 5′).

Castro, on the other hand, who had made nine substitutions after the win against La Rochelle last Sunday, looked heavily borrowed. This is evidenced by the few errors in Tarnais’ assessment. On his own five meter line, Gaetan Barlot touched his jumper. Lucas Peyresblanques as an opportunistgrabs the ball and scores the first try after a quarter of an hour of the game (8-3, 14′).

Despite the solid form of Pierre Popelin (4/4 tonight), Castres, despite having the third best attack in the championship before this fifth day, seems to have hit a wall. Parisians, who are much more enterprising, can rely on Tarn’s mistakes for new testing opportunities. Lukas Peiresblanc gets his double again after a devastating shot (15-6, 29′).

The score would be even steeper just before the break with Jeremy Ward’s third try synonymous with an attacking bonus, well served by Zac Henry with a wonderful pass (20-6, 40′). And as if that wasn’t enough, the too often penalized Castro were reduced to 14 men at the break after Thomas Staniforth’s yellow card.

Castre helpless before the Paris steamer

The mostly remaining Tarnais return to the field with better ambitions. But Castro exposes himself and Paris takes advantage. Pierre Popelin, hesitating to extend the pass, is intercepted Jeremy Ward, who also gets his double (27-9, 55′).

Sekou Macalou, just back from the World Cup, and Pierre-Henri Azagoh will score in turn (39-9, 66′). Castres, completely dominated in all areas of the game, will still manage to save their honor. Largely not enough to hope to thwart the plans of Laurent Labit and his entire team.

Looking forward to the meeting between Pau and Toulouse tomorrow night, Stade Français is the new leader of this championship thanks to this improved success. The people of Ile-de-France will try to confirm next weekend in Lyon. Castres, on the other hand, marks a stop after the victory in La Rochelle. “Tarnais” will be able to return to their home after two trips in a row, hosting Oyonnax and Toulouse in a row.

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