Tube girl, tiktoker, goes viral on the subway

Sabrina Bahsoon has gone viral for her videos filmed in the subway.source: capture

Do you know the Tube Girl Effect? It’s a TikTok trend that might just ruin the peace of your subway commute. The trend now extends to buses, planes, trains, and anything with wheels. We will explain it to you.

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Have you ever noticed a bunch of young people – and not-so-young people – filming themselves on the subway with headphones in their ears and starting crazy choreography – but Bluetooth-silent – while shaking their hair like there was no tomorrow? Run quickly! You’ve come face-to-face with the new victims of the Tube Girl effect, named after the TikToker who started this adorable and (almost) new trend.

If you’re from the “take it easy on public transport” team and reading these lines is already annoying, know that the trend is far from fading – especially since Tube Girl – real name Sabrina Bahsoon – has become a real phenomenon on the networks. To share her small choreographies in the dance program, a 22-year-old student chose a very special background: the London Undergroundthe city where this Malaysian chose to study law.

His mantra? “Dance like nobody’s watching.” Even if Especially if the subway train is full.

The little thing that made it go viral? Stand next to an open subway window, let your hair fly in the thick air and contaminated tunnels (so sexy!) and capture the STONE with your smartphone’s wide-angle camera, in 0.5 mode. Then start “lip syncing» tidy, combining various jokes, if possible according to the song Greedy, by Tate McRae. A gesture? It must be jerky. A (very) short film legend? Good shot full of confidence. Nothing special, you might say, but know that the web seems to have invented wire for cutting butter.

Tube girl, that’s her👇

source: TikTokVideo: External / Recreation

Another subway, another job

Video: External / Recreation

It was not known at the start of the summer that the adopted Londoner now has more than 400,000 subscribers on the ByteDance-owned app. Some of his videos reach more than 7 million views. And according to the magazine Mashable, the #tubegirl hashtag has 281 million views to date and the #tubegirleffect has more than 70 million views. A remarkable achievement for someone who describes herself as “the opposite of the business world’s go-to girl.” Washington Post.

In the four corners of the planet – and even in countries where the subways don’t run the streets of Switzerland – Tube Girl wannabies are following in the footsteps of their digital big sister and interpreting the trend in their own way. transport (we haven’t seen this in CGN yet, but it will happen). Others are dismissed because yes, you need a cheatcode:

“I don’t understand how to use mode 0.5”

So, Virginie, you will be able to…

There BBC and various English-speaking media outlets have already rushed to the new Internet celebrity’s bedside to extract a few confessions from him. Answers menu self-affirmation, self-confidence….and a whole bunch of keywords in “self-empowerment” sauce. Because yes, on long trips underground, we seem to get bored and can’t revise well. So, you might as well dance to let off some steam and pass the time sightseeing:

“I think Tube Girl has already become something more than just dancing in the subway. I think it has to do with confidence and feeling more sensual with your authentic self.

“Pipe Girl” BBC.

“Romanticize your journey. Trust me, nobody cares”

A tip from Tube Girl in one of her videos.

Mirror effect

Clearly, in an era where confidence is bought with digital therapy packages for mental well-being, the young student’s simple words resonated with the audience: “I love that you’re encouraging other girls to be confident. regardless of what others think or look at,” one internet user thinks. There are many suggestions:

“Obsessed with your confidence, it gives me confidence 😍”

TikTok user

This trend is a hit in different countries and different professions:

A picture

source: tiktok capture

If you were planning to do the same on the Nyon-Geneva route, we still recommend a good dose of self-deprecation. Indeed, some netizens did not hesitate to describe the trend as “embarrassing” from the viewers’ point of view:

“Even social anxiety scares you”

seen on tiktok

“Awful silence when you finish dancing 😭”

seen on tiktok

“I’ve never seen anything so disgusting”

seen on tiktok

“So embarrassing for everyone else on the subway”

I saw tiktok

From dance to catwalk

As everything that lives and dies in the digital realm moves at lightning speed, the Malaysian has already been approached by super popular beauty brand MAC Cosmetics. Last week, TikToker debuted as a runway model:

Tube Girl makes her MAC Cosmetics runway debut.

Tube Girl makes her MAC Cosmetics runway debut. image: Twitter

Finally, at the request of her loyal followers, the young woman has offered her playlist for the perfect “subway trip” on Spotify. Which opens with a Timbaland anthem, The way I am. We didn’t expect that.

Also, Timbaland is going through tough times👇

Shall we change the subject?

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Video: watson

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Meghan Markle and her fashion show in Germany

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