Tunisia is on the list of top 10 destinations in the world

Cassandra De Pecola, journalist Insert, claims to have visited 193 countries around the world in a few years. But what is interesting about this socio-tourism adventure is that the young woman has classified these countries according to her own criteria, which are certainly subjective, but which can probably give travel ideas to both travel agencies and officials responsible for tourism.

And this is good for Tunisia, which Ms. De Pecolas, who describes herself as from the American state of Connecticut, ranks among ten “idyllic, unknown or underappreciated countries”.

Indeed, according to the website visa-algerie.com Cassandra De Pecola, who reports on this, ranks “Tunisia in her top 10 destinations.” The young journalist settled in 193 countries in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania to mix with new cultures.

She says, “I wanted to explore places that people consider dangerous and don’t normally go.” That’s how she ended up in Tunisia in 2015, when the country was shaken by the democratic transition. “I went to Tunisia in December 2015, about a week after the 2015 bombing, almost two weeks after the Radisson Blu shooting and just six months after the Sousse attacks that killed 39 tourists,” she adds.

In Tunisia I found the people to be friendly and I felt safe as a woman traveling alone

She says she was “pleasantly surprised” because “Tunisia is a great country”.

According to our source, the young journalist claims to have taken an overnight ferry from Palermo, Italy… ten hours later she arrived in the capital, Tunis. “I was sleeping on a piece of cardboard placed on the ground with no mobile network or wifi, surrounded by Italian and Tunisian locals, especially Tunisians,” the journalist recalls.

However, De Pecol admits that it was sometimes scary, “but when it was there, the beauty was everywhere.” She stayed in the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Saïd. “Among other things, I visited the ruins of Carthage. There is so much to see and so much history.

And like any kind person, Cassandra De Pecola will only remember the positive side of things: “I thought people were kind and I felt safe as a woman traveling alone.” Therefore, Tunisia deserves its place in the list of 10 favorite countries that she has visited.

Would the Tunisian have said it better?

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