Twitch is planning a new monetization system – and not everyone likes it

Game news Twitch is planning a new monetization system – and not everyone likes it

Twitch seems to be transforming the way it compensates for its best talent, and not everyone is happy with it.

To always more pubs?

The news has just fallen on Bloomberg’s side: Amazon will consider changing the monetization rules of the Twitch platform for even more profit. Several paths are being considered for this purpose. The first, most unpleasant, would be to increase the distribution of advertising. To this end, the platform would encourage its greatest talent to integrate more pubs into its channel in exchange for a better income. Of course, this new proposal, even if not yet effective, could affect the comfort of viewers. As you probably already know, ads on Twitch can appear without warning, even when you watch, for example, League of Legends competitions, which can quickly become annoying, especially if you increase their speed … But that’s not all .

It also seems that Amazon would be willing to give up its greatest talents for even greater profits. Indeed, at the time of writing, Twitch recovers “only” 30% of the revenue from subscriptions or viewer donations, which means that the remaining 70 percent goes into the pockets of content creators. Unfortunately, this sharing may be reduced for larger streams in the future…

Towards lower revenue streams?

According to sources in Bloomberg (sources who have chosen to remain anonymous), streamlined profits could be reduced as their income increases. The more the streamer earns, the lower his share of profits until a fair share is reached. That is, 50% of the profits will go to the streamer (instead of 70%), while the remaining 50% will go to Amazon’s pockets (instead of 30%). The news apparently prompted major streaming players to respond, starting with MisterMV, who quickly shared the news.

However, the introduction of this new formula would allow content creators to gain freedom, according to the American giant, as in return Twitch could, for example, offer its partners the removal of exclusivity restrictions so that they can publish their videos on YouTube or Facebook.

Apparently, this new information is the result of an internal discussion, which means that it is simply an idea put forward by Amazon and Twitch employees. Therefore, it is possible that the latter will never see the light of day. However, if the ideas are approved, they could be effective this summer.

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