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“It’s nice to hear from librarians who have been in the field for years, many of whom have high praise for Virginia Tech’s program and how Anita was a global pioneer in OER,” says Gray.

6:30 p.m., Washington, DC

in 2020 political science graduate Jaclyn Marmol battles rush hour traffic and loud vehicle noises as she makes her way to McPherson Square.

Marmol works as a representative for US Senator Mark Warner and often attends events with him. Tonight, she’s heading to the grand opening of the Asian Pacific American Congressional Studies Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander participation and representation in politics.

7 p.m., Blacksburg

As this day in Blacksburg draws to a close, the Hokies’ stories abroad weave a tale of diverse aspirations and common purpose. From Lilly’s early-morning volunteer work in the heart of Paris to Finkielstein’s late-night discussions with colleagues in Tokyo to Virginia Tech’s computer science team celebrating success in Sydney Harbor, the reach of the Virginia Tech community spans continents and cultures.

Today’s tour highlights the Virginia Tech community, individuals committed to solving global challenges, expanding perspectives, and creating a world where spirit Please (That I may serve) knows no bounds.

Of course, tomorrow will be a new day full of new trips. Faculty members who spent the summer in East Africa will reflect on what they learned during a public discussion in the Newman Library. An employee is about to board a flight to a conference in Brazil, as a scientist in Alexandria calls a colleague in Mumbai to discuss a possible collaboration. And the student realizes that she might want to study in Chile next year, so she goes to the Office of Global Education to start planning her adventure.

Contributors: Victoria Boatwright, Jenny Kincaid Boone, Amanda Broome, Ann Brown, Michelle Darby, Katie Gehrt, Priya Goutham, Leigh Anne Kelley, Rich Mathieson, Allie Oberoi, Renée Stewart and Cory Van Dyke.

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