Vocational training: pushing boundaries

With over 390,000 offer of professional education finding the training you need might seem like a fluke. Is there a suitable location or distance course for me that fits my schedule or is eligible for funding? Can anyone recommend me?

To begin

After 15 to 20 years of attending school, a graduate may consider himself to have completed school and finally have a professional career open to him. If he doesn’t already suspect it, he will quickly discover that in a changing, uncertain, complex and uncertain (VUCA) world, training is essential to staying current in his profession and that he is better off not severing all ties to the academic world.

Even for the most modest positions, vocational training brings concrete benefits, such as better job stability, better income, and self-esteem boosted by a sense of competence. It is worth creating a training strategy.


In situations where his work has become openly unsatisfactory, a worker who still has a spark of life is more likely to seek professional retraining. He often stays at his job because he cannot live without income for a long time; therefore, rather than giving up, he can train outside working hours, sometimes with the support of his relatives, and often with access to government support such as the CPF – Personal Training Account.

To renew your goals and renew your hope, there is definitely a vocational training somewhere that will provide a springboard to a better future.

Move forward

In any job, even the most interesting job, the employee’s engagement eventually disappears unless he feels that he is succeeding either in achieving his mission, fulfilling his duties, or improving conditions that he feels are important.

One of the best ways to stay motivated at work and develop that sense of progress is professional training.

If there is a competent human resources department, a professional training strategy and training plan will be developed for each employee in the interest of both the individual and the company. A company built by competent people offers better services and products and is better at resisting competition than one that is overtaken by the competition. It remains only to find the most suitable training.

Spoiled by choice

Knowing what one wants to do is an ideal that is rarely clear at the outset. An idea we haven’t thought of might be worth considering. Recommendations in hundreds of areas can already help you develop new skills. From there, the training descriptions already give you an idea of ​​the content and the load provided. Then several options open up: requesting information, Verification of Acquired Experience (VAE), assessment of skills, eligibility for state support, such as CPF, etc.

The following

After training usually comes the CV phase, job search or employment contract negotiations. In any case, there are reference sites and advice on the best strategies to adopt, but before that you need to complete training, preferably qualified and recognized, and develop your experience. With these acquired skills, doors open, opportunities arise, and then we are able to take advantage of them.

Ma’s birthplace and its spin-off Hello Work offer professional referral services for training and employment. Ma Formation has created more than 900,000 connections between candidates and training organizations. Training presentations are usually complete and additional information can be requested directly from each organization free of charge.

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