“We don’t see overcrowding in hospitals today”, assures Elizabete Borne

France continues to prepare, Wednesday, August 23: 19 departments are on red alert along the diagonal that runs from Gers to the Aine, and 37 departments are on orange due to the heat wave. Nevertheless, “today we don’t see overcrowding” due to the hospital’s heat wave, confirms Elizabeth Born, a guest of France Bleu at lunchtime. Follow us live for the latest information on the heat wave.

The heat record has been broken again. The temperature record set on Monday has already been broken: the Tuesday after August 15 was the hottest day ever recorded in France, with the country’s thermal index at 27.1 degrees, Météo-France said.

Possible entries to the key. “A prolonged and intense heat wave has gripped the southern two-thirds of the country. It is significant, even extreme, from now on in the Rhône Valley and the south of the Massif Central, then gradually in Occitania and to the west. Aquitaine tomorrow”, notes Météo-France. Highs will reach 40 to 42 degrees, or locally even higher, with the key possible records, the weather service warns.

A heat wave is expected on Wednesday and Thursday. “The peak of the heat wave is expected between today [mercredi] and Thursday”says the forecaster, emphasizing that vigilance in certain departments, “especially in southern New Aquitaine”may increase depending on the duration and intensity of the heat wave. “This is the first time that such an intense heat wave has been observed in the whole of France so late in the summer.”adds Météo-France.

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