What are the best apps to download on your Android smartphone?

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Buying or resetting a smartphone is a great opportunity to test and install new features. Futura offers a list ofappsapps designed to save time and increase productivity when using your Android device. Here are the main things.

Connected to Mobile – Connect to Windows (your phone): Control your smartphone from your PC

Mobile Connect√© is not a simple application a mirrora mirror which renders your screen smartphonesmartphone not even a remote control system on the computer, but really an application that will allow you to receive notifications and send them SMSSMS and even make calls without leaving your computer the eyesthe eyes. The connection between your computercomputer on Windows 10/11 and on a smartphone (AndroidAndroid or iOS) is done using the “Link to Windows” or Phone Link application on your mobile device and “Mobile Connected”, which used to be your phone, on your computer. In addition to the functions mentioned above, you can access your smartphone’s storage space from your computer to view your documents and media or quickly transfer files between two terminals. A connection can be made with BluetoothBluetoothfor each connection WirelessWireless or with a USB cableUSB cable. The connection and sync system may seem a bit tedious, but once synced, you can receive mobile notifications on your PC, answer messages and calls without having to reach for your device all the time.

Download Mobile Connected

PDF Reader for Android: A versatile PDF viewer

Along with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, PDF Reader for Android is one of the best PDF viewers on the Play Store. In addition to being very lightweight, it offers many features to find all your PDF documents, list them, sort them, read them, find important words, manage favorites or even mark pages to return to that exact place after closing. application. Another strong point of this free application: the document scanning function. Take a photo of a paper document and PDF Reader for Android will crop, straighten and convert it to PDF. The only downside to this essential aspect is that the interface is only in English, and the ad inserts are too obvious, sometimes depending on the screen sizes, it seems that there is only that on the whole page.

Download PDF Reader for Android

WhatsApp: An Essential Communication Tool

Part of the top 5 applications, WhatsAppWhatsApp definitely should have fig treefig tree in this selection of the most important applications for Android. Over the years this instant messaginginstant messaging has evolved into a truly versatile and multi-platform communication tool. Allowing you to create polls, make video calls, send files and chat with all your contacts today, it is possible to discuss from your mobile phone, but also from your computer. Although the service’s reputation has been marred by hacks and security issues confidentialityconfidentiality data, WhatsApp remains one of the most widely used apps worldwide. Users of the platform can now take advantage of the exchange’s encryption for greater security, notification management options or “Communities”, bringing it closer to the WhatsApp category. Social networkSocial networkthan communication tools.

Google Chrome: A browser with endless possibilities

If you’re looking for a web browser for your Android smartphone, you can always count on it GoogleGoogle Chromium. Usually installed by default, this web browsing tool allows you to use all the knowledge of the web and enjoy it anywhere. Of course, the mobile version of Chrome includes fewer features than its desktop version, but it has tab management (tab grouping, bookmarks), PasswordsPasswords and data synchronization (browsing and download history, reading list, favorites, payment methods, recently closed tabs, etc.). Note that you’ll also be able to take advantage of the Google Lens visual recognition system, which is integrated directly into your search bar alongside vocal synthesisvocal synthesis. Users will be able to find their settings and home page, but the desktop version of Google Chrome will not have extensions installed.

Download Google Chrome

Waze: for a smooth road

A great competitor to Google Maps, WazeWaze still remains petpet Android users. Indeed, this 3D mapping and guidance application has a big advantage: its community of users who report accidentsaccidents, controls and traffic slowdowns. It will alert you if traffic conditions change along your route, allowing you to reroute if your travel time increases significantly. You will also benefit from a real-time control system, an optimal route calculation system, the ability to choose a voice that will guide you by showing speedspeed it is allowed to find the least polluting route or the one where electric charging stations can be found. The application is in French, very easy to understand and offers new features regularly. You can, for example, save your favorite routes or plan a route from an online service available on your computer (via a browser) and send it to your smartphone.

Google Photos: Automate the transfer of photos and videos to save space

Indispensable for finding mobile storage space, Google Photos lets you automate backupbackup saving pictures and videos to your Google Photos cloud space, and deleting media files stored on your phone. Therefore, users have the option to save photos and videos from the gallery and specify other folders to sync. It can be Downloads folder, WhatsApp files folder, etc. Please note that Google Photos is not a media gallery application, but an automated transfer system combined with a media manager. Focusing more specifically on images and videos, it’s possible to organize your files into folders and albums that you can share with your contacts. Simple editing and photo editing features are also available. And all of this is obviously free (15GB of storage space). On the home page of the online service (synchronized as soon as an Internet connection is established), you can find all your transferred documents and take advantage of the “D-Day” notification system that reminds you of what you did on that date. .last or previous years, as well as a selection of photographs to remember unforgettable moments.

Download Google Photos

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