what is the Pyrrole variant first discovered in a patient in France?

Several variants and sub-variants have been identified since the beginning of the Covd-19 pandemic. A new variant has been detected in about fifteen countries, starting with Israel and Denmark in the month of August.

Thursday, August 31, case of presentation of Covid A variant of “Pyrrole” was discovered in a patient in France, in the Grand Est region, according to information from the French public health agency. Identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) vsLike the BA.2.86 variant, “Pirola” has also been added to the watchable variants list.

The latter has more than 30 different mutations compared to the already known variants, following the dynamics that Omicron. United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, United States, South Africa, Switzerland or even Canada has cases of the “Pirola” variant have already been identified.

Is this option dangerous?

Currently, the WHO itself does not have one it cannot be said with certainty that this variant is not dangerous. In a statement, the organization said it needed “additional data.” However, if scientists still lack an understanding of this variant, they don’t seem worried.

No worries about heavy shapes. A large number of spiked proteins (targeted by the immune system) remain intact and are recognized, especially after the cellular response is activated. people who have been vaccinated or are exposed to the virus“, explained Etienne Simon-Laurier, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute, daily Western France. And there aren’t many people left who haven’t been exposed to SARS-CoV2.

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