What will the world economy look like in 2024?

TRIBUNE – The essayist and economic journalist takes stock of the major economic developments in 2023 and explains the geopolitical implications they will have for China, the United States and Europe in the coming year.

Latest published works : “ How long will it last » (Plon, 2023).

The main event of 2023 is the fact that China has moved “to the other side of the mountain”, that is, to the lower side. The period of hypergrowth is over: in the fall of 2023, US growth was higher than that of China. It is now likely that the GDP of the Middle Kingdom will never exceed that of the United States. There are several reasons for this shift. First, the end of the largest rural exodus of all time, which saw the transport of hundreds of millions of peasants to cities on the country's east coast for export work. It was the main economic engine of the country, and it is being choked by the real estate crash, which has no parallel in history. Another reason is the gradual departure of Western industrialists and investors in favor of Vietnam, India and even the United States to move into sensitive sectors such as electronic components…

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