When George Clooney put an obscene sticker on the back of Brad Pitt’s car as a prank

George Clooney and Brad Pitt are two of Hollywood’s highest paid actors and have long been friends. The duo has collaborated on many films, such as Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Burn After Reading and more. Clooney and Pete are also set to reunite for a mystery thriller directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts. As fans wait for the duo to reunite on the big screen, read about the time when George Clooney stuck an obscene sticker on the back of Brad Pitt’s car.

When George Clooney made fun of Brad Pitt

According to Vanity Fair, in 2016 at the Adobe Summit, George Clooney revealed that he had in mind a prank that could “end” Brad Pitt’s career. Discussing the prank The Batman & Robin the actor narrated a funny incident from his days on set Ocean’s Eleven with his co-star. Clooney said he had bought a bumper sticker for Pete’s friend’s new car.

Clooney said: “I took a sticker with a pot-shaped bumper that said ‘Police F ** k’ and put it in the back of his car. Because there’s no way you can’t catch that.” Clooney also told the public: “I’m working on a prank that will end his career. If you take the time, if you are willing to sit in one for a few years and plant the seed … there is no rush.”

Bidders rush to secure rights to new George Clooney and Brad Pitt film

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony, Lionsgate, Apple, Netflix and other production companies are competing for a package of films starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts. Watts will reportedly write, direct and direct the thriller starring Clooney and Pitt. The two A-listers will also produce the film through their respective production labels, Smokehouse Pictures and Plan B Entertainment.

Many details about the script and the cast have remained dead-end, but the film is said to be a story of two lone wolves assigned to the same job. In addition, Amazon, Annapurna, Universal, MGM and Warner Bros. are also called in the fight.

Image: AP

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