Who are the players excluded from the Fifty Series 2023? November 3rd?

Where to watch in 2023 November 3 A repeat of the Les Cinquante series?

If you missed 2023 November 3 broadcast episode, you can watch a replay on 6play.fr.

Strategies and alliances

While the Forgotten are trying to survive in the dungeons, the castle players are trying to develop new game strategies. Stéphane also encourages Scott to step up the alliances that have been forged in his absence. From now on, he will know who he can trust and who he can’t. However, not everyone likes this approach. Colette and Nicolas get the impression that Stéphane thinks so big boss.

Nicolas wants to protect himself because he doesn’t think he can really trust Stéphane’s clan. On the other hand, as a free electron, Julie can be a good ally in trying to destroy Stéphane. The plan is clear: get Jessy’s friends together to play. The only turning point is Jessy’s victory in the final battle of the Forgotten. Well, almost, because game number 13 could well redistribute the cards. Who will be the players who will be eliminated from November 3rd? Without realizing it, Nicolas plants his own little seeds to protect himself. In the event of elimination, he signs a pact with Myriam to be saved so he can help her get revenge on her husband and vote against Simon.

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Game number 13

In the arena, players must grab the red stick as quickly as possible when the lion calls their number. This speed game is even more stressful because there will only be three players on the bench. After several races, thirteen players were saved for the victory. The fate of Colette, Amélie and Stéphane is then in their hands.

Simon is happy to know that Colette is in danger. After participating in the elimination of Florian and Enzo, she is next on his list. For his part, Nicolas will do anything to save her because she is his last ally that he can truly rely on. If she is removed, her future in the game may also be short-lived. The lion announces that two of the three players will be saved. So which of Stéphane, Colette or Amélie will really leave the fifties competition?

In the dungeons, Jade and Gary are afraid to see their loved ones leave. If Stéphane were to be removed from the game, Jade doesn’t know if she would have the strength to continue her adventure without him. Gary taking out Simon or Vivian would destroy him. Find out which player was eliminated from the fifty in the next episode and the reaction of the Forgotten to the announcement!

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