Why the dollar fell, the reasons for strengthening the ruble, what is the forecast for the dollar, April 2022 | 74.ru

– Russian exports, which amounted to about $ 500 billion in 2021, will, of course, fall. However, imports will fall even further. The prices of many goods exported by the Russian Federation are incredibly high. And even if we take into account discounts, foreign exchange earnings are significant. Remember that exporters are now obliged to sell 80% of revenues, “said Evgeny Kogan, an investment banker and professor at the University of Economics, in his telegram channel.

Foreign economists also agree with this statement. In their view, the dynamics of the ruble demonstrates the short-term and limited effect of even the toughest sanctions.

– Shares [санкций] largely toothless if foreigners continue to consume Russian oil and natural gas while supporting the ruble by hoarding. While Russia remains largely cut off from the global economy, Bloomberg Economics expects the country to earn nearly $ 321 billion in energy exports this year. That’s a third more than in 2021. The rapid recovery of the ruble gives Putin a great victory in Russia, where many people are obsessed with the ups and downs of the currency. made a conclusion economic publicist Sydney Mackie for Bloomberg.

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