Women: ‘Very good news to be expected’ regarding Grace Gayoro’s extension with PSG

PSG women’s captain Grace Gayoro presented herself to the press ahead of the match between PSG and OL for the Trophée des Champions this Sunday. After the successful Geyoro World Cup, the player expressed her desire to resume work in the group and start a new season in her training club. There was also talk about her contract and there is good news about her. Full transcript.

After three weeks and this exit from the World Cup, is it any better? Were you able to manage this World Cup?

” I feel good. It’s getting better, it’s true. It was a difficult moment. Obligatory. We were preparing for this World Cup. We wanted to win the title. We gave everything. It’s true that it was difficult. We gave everything, but now we’re back at the club. With PSG in a great environment. So it’s inevitable to have a smile. And I can’t wait to get back to the competition and this championship.”

How did you switch between the two?

“I tried to cut things off a bit with my loved ones. We had a few days off. After that we went back to the club. We found our teammates. It was pretty easy. We were happy to see them again, the band. Start the season with PSG. »

Speaking of the new setting, now Camp des Loges. You are working in a completely different context than Bougival.

“Yes, we have everything at our disposal. We are working well. The setting is great, yes. We are in very good conditions. It helps you work well and puts you in a good mood. So we are very happy. »

How do you rate this team? Do you trust this group? Do you think things are still missing?

“Yes, it is true that it is a new group. We are with new players who came in and were able to adapt quickly. We have a new group again this year. Where we know we have a lot of work to do. We kept the same staff, which is very good. This will allow us to keep the good things we did last year and we will try to bring them back this season. But we know we’re going to have to work again, we know the D1 level has increased, that it’s passed the milestone. We know that all the matches will be very difficult, that we will have to work in every training session, in every match. As we know how to do it. With seriousness. Obviously, there will be a confrontation with Lyon as always. But we know, we like to play these matches. »

So you’ll be back in Lyon on Sunday, how do you approach this first big shock of the season?

“It’s still very fast this season. We had time to work together after the World Cup but it was still quite short. The international players came back even two weeks ago. It’s a good match before the championship starts. It’s the Champions Trophy, it’s always the title, to look for. Like I said, it’s going to be up to us to get our game right. And do what the girls have done well over the last eight weeks, everything they’ve put in place, and we’ll come along the way. and we tried continue at this pace to resume the fundamentals of the game that the coach wants to put in place. »

Speaking of the D1 level, coming out of the World Cup, there is a new D1 format this season, how are you doing? We are already seeing a lot of concern for the championship, which should ultimately be played at the very end. How do you rate it?

“It is true that there is still a long season ahead. With lots of games. In the league, Coupe de France, Champions League and even with the national team. That’s a lot of games in a season. So, obviously, when we know that it can be decided at the end… We know that all the matches during the season will count, but especially in the latter stages, it will stop. There will be many more games. We will have to put ourselves in the best conditions to try and get a place in the last four and win the title. »

Speaking of Lyon, how does it feel to meet a Kadidiatou Diani opposite? A strange feeling?

“Yes, of course, because she was one of our teammates. Now it’s like this. She chose to go to Lyon. We accept it. Now she is on the other side. We will keep our players and give our all against this team. Kadi is on the other side, but we will give everything we have to give. And try to win this title. »

Caddy left, but Marie Antoinette returned. How have you found it since coming back from the World Cup?

“I think it’s very good. It’s very reassuring to see her with us, in training, in games, it’s good for the whole group. We know she had a serious injury. We know she also wanted to be back with the group. And today things are going really well. She’s really up. She’s even receiving really well. We’re happy, it’s very reassuring. We know we’re going to need her during the season, the whole range of her game, and it’s going to be up to us to serve her in the best conditions. To accompany her, to push her to find her best feelings, to find the way to her goal. »

How do you see the team in attack? Do you think you have enough quality to score as many goals as you have in previous seasons?

“It will be up to us to show it on the pitch. It’s true that we don’t know at this level, but we’ll see how we adapt. We have Maria back. We also have other forwards. We also have Sandy, who is starting the season very well, it must not be forget. We have other players who can also score goals. We have to adapt, play the game that suits us. This is football, there are departures, arrivals. It is mainly up to us to react on the spot. And most importantly, from this weekend try to fix our game, as the coach often says, and create chances and score goals. »

This can make room for a player like Lieke Martens who needed time to adapt. Could this be his season too?

” Of course. She is an international player. She knows how to deal with important matches, long seasons. She had a very good World Cup with her country. She is coming back with a lot of confidence, she is going well in training. It will be up to us to show it on the pitch and how we will respond to all of that.”

Do you think the group is stronger than last year? Think you can tickle OL more?

“As I said, we are doing very well anyway. It is very convincing. We have feedback in the group, which gives us a lot of good. Now we have new players, we will see during the matches how we will adapt to the new squad and we can’t wait to see it. »

There was talk of an extension with PSG before going to the World Cup. Can you mention it?

“Yes, I can tell you about it, that’s for sure (laughs). But still ? It’s going very well. Everyone knows my connection with PSG. We had many discussions. It was a very good discussion. There will be very good news. »

Are the ambitions the same as in previous seasons?

“Yes, we want to win all the titles that are handed over. As I said, the goals for several seasons have always been the same, to win as many titles as possible. Every year we want to improve on the previous years and it is up to us to show what we are capable on the pitch and to win as many titles as possible. But it requires a lot of work, that’s for sure.”

How did you experience the end of the World Cup with the win and then the affair in Spain?

“Of course, we must not forget that they are world champions and I think that should not be thrown in the trash. They won one of the most prestigious titles. Congratulations to them, it was deserved, they had a good world championship with a game, good players in this group. Everything that happened around these controversies, we saw it from the sidelines and we prefer not to see such things. And highlight their victory and the title. Of course, we prefer to talk about what they did on the field, because winning this prestigious title is always better. It also shows the whole evolution of women’s football and its progress. We also need to see that this World Cup was successful. We had an incredible experience, it really needs to be emphasized. Keep this good image of Spain and women’s football. »

Is it also inspiring to see the players face an abnormal situation and overcome it?

“Yes, and it’s to their credit. They’re welded. They show it. They want to get what they want. We saw it from the outside, but yes, it’s to their credit. They’re world champions, that’s the main thing to remember . »

It’s still hard to play football when you’re a woman with a lack of professionalism, sexism…

“Yes, of course, there are many problems surrounding all this. But we know, it didn’t start now, it won’t end now. We have to show that we play football, that we love what we do. And today we try to present the best possible image to all these young people who are watching us and whom we can inspire. We must preserve this image. Gotta keep having fun. »

Do you think France’s performance at the World Cup can improve the vision of women’s football in the country? There were 7 million viewers on TV during the last game.

“We hope so anyway. That was the goal. It’s true that we always want to play very good matches. We know that the supporters were far away until the World Cup in Australia, it was not easy for them to follow us, but they were still very much there. We we saw them in the morning during training. The coach insisted on it a lot, telling us that there are people behind us. To be honest, it made us happy. It encouraged us to do more. »

The next Blue list is coming soon. So are you looking forward to going back after all that’s happened?

“I definitely can’t wait to come back. I really want to wear this blue shirt and find this great group. We experienced the World Cup with a staff and a group that I have only good memories of and it was full of emotions. »

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