World Athletics Championships Finals Live: Neeraj Chopra, Parul Chaudhary and India’s men’s relay in view of history

Athletics World Championships Final Live Updates: Tejaswin Shankar breaks 4x400m

Why look elsewhere when someone who has been there and done that is providing his thoughts. “The 4000m is not a blind sprint, but a very strategic race. Strategies are useless if you can’t keep up with the faster guys. So the fitness of our guys was No. 1 for me. Intent was No. 2. Anas bhai ran a solid first leg by not allowing GB close to falter to make up for Spain,” Tejaswin said in the first of a series of tweets.

“Amoj got the baton in 2 and started alongside the Spaniard. The other runner has the privilege of coming out of the lane and taking the inside line which Amoj beat the Spaniard to make it difficult for him to overtake Amoj on the outside. Very important.” “

“A clean change to Ajmal in 2 ensured that we had the best possible place. Ajmal bhai is the best in Indian fitness today. Anyone can run a smooth first turn and back straight but keep a solid form to turn 2 and home straight .” separated him from the others.”

“A clean change alongside the American into the final stage, but hats off to Rajesh. A perfect display of INTENT that separates the runners from the winners. Coming straight into the final corner is usually the best place to launch an early attack. Where the fatigue starts to kick in.” in……”

“Absolutely perfectly executed attempt. I am very much looking forward to the final! If there is a chance, then this year. Our boys are fit and hungry…”

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