‘World famous’ company moves to Telford and ‘signature building’

Swiss-owned company Bruderer is to move from Luton to Hortonwood. Image: Google Maps

Swiss-owned Bruderer, which specializes in stamping and sheet metal forming, is to move from Luton to Hortonwood after plans were approved for an industrial building to assemble and service its ‘high precision presses’.

Next to the industrial building will be built offices for the company’s sales team, a service yard and a parking lot. The building will be served from an internal road that extends south from the existing entrance to the site.

The company currently employs 12 employees, including qualified engineering staff, sales engineers, management and administrative staff.

“The architectural concept is to give the building a modern, clean look that reflects Bruderer as a high-quality company with a reputation for unparalleled manufacturing excellence,” the company’s access and design statement said.

“The proposal will provide a distinctive building in the Hortonwood West development and an attractive and distinctive landmark along the Queensway (A442).

“The building is custom-designed to meet the company’s operational requirements and will be constructed using high-quality materials and finishes that reflect the company’s prestige in its particular line of business.”

It is planned that low-level lighting will be installed along the driveway, parking lot and entrance to the building, and LED floodlights will be installed on the northern part of the building to illuminate the service yard.

The claimant said that at his current location there was ‘never’ more than one truck at a time and that ‘most’ deliveries would be from ‘rigid’ vehicles or vans.

Planning permission was granted for a similar proposal in December 2020 for the Hortonwood site.

“The parent company has since reassessed its operational requirements and decided to finance a larger building to accommodate a slightly larger traveling crane and also to allow for future growth of its UK business,” the investor added.

“The position of the building was influenced by the route of the gas pipeline, which crosses the area diagonally, and also by the desire to place the building where it will be somewhat present. The location also allows for a service entrance to the building and an associated maneuvering area that is shielded from passing views along the Queensway.”

There were no public objections to the plans, while Hadley and Leegomery Parish Council supported the plan.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s planning officer approved the plan after deeming the site “appropriately sized to accommodate the proposed changes”.

“Staff are satisfied that the design changes are acceptable and will not cause any harm to the character and appearance of the street scene,” the planning officer concluded.

“In terms of visual appearance and design, the proposed building is considered acceptable.”

The council has given full approval to the plans and the company says it hopes to start work at the ‘earliest opportunity’. They hope to have the building occupied by the summer of next year.

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