Wrexham firm defends ‘wake up free zone’ flag which left critics ‘disgusted’

A fast-growing North Wales firm has defended its flag against a revival which one critic said made it “disgusting”. Net World Sports has opened a new headquarters in Wrexham and employs more than 200 people in the town.

He has three large flagpoles outside his headquarters and one of the flags came under fire. The banner reads “Woke Free Zone”, reflecting boss Alex Lovén’s stance against awakening.

A local resident contacted North Wales Live to complain about the flag, which she said showed a “complete lack of inclusivity”. They said it was “offensive” and added that it “astonishes me that their human resources department condones this display of complete and utter discrimination”.

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But founder Alex responded: “It is more than reasonable to question the value of the cloak of vigilantism that has enveloped all parts of society from education to mainstream media.”

He added that the company had questioned whether the “woke story” was helping young people’s development and that it would be “completely disingenuous to say otherwise if we don’t believe in it”.

The term awakened first appeared in the 1940s and was used by African Americans to “literally mean an awakening or sensitivity to issues of justice.” But in the last decade it has come to include a broader awareness of social inequalities such as racial justice, sexism and LGBT rights. It has become a term of insult – used mainly by those who have the right to attack those who are perceived to be “too sensitive” to these issues.

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