Xbox mistakenly posts confidential internal information online

Thursday, September 14, Microsoft, seeking to send elements of the case file to the California court system in a lawsuit challenging America’s competition authority, mistakenly sent him about a hundred emails and presentations for internal use. They were then made available online on a court-hosted website, but were finally taken down on Tuesday, September 19.

“Microsoft is responsible for this enforced rule”, Douglas Farrar testified on the same daythe head of public affairs at the competition authority, who is currently suing Microsoft in hopes of blocking the takeover of Activision Blizzard by the American giant video game publisher.

In an internal note obtained by the specialist website The VergePhil Spencer, Xbox director of Microsoft’s video game division, admits from his teams that “Several documents filed in court related to Activision Blizzard’s planned acquisition were found to be in error”. However, he points it out “Many of these emails are several years old and [que] Since then, our plans have evolved.

Plans and “ideas in the air”

Among the hundreds of documents mistakenly released to the public that The Verge qualified as “Biggest leak in Xbox history”an e-mail exchange between the company’s top executives reveals some of their plans and ideas for the next five years.

In particular, a new version of the Xbox Series X console, planned for late 2024, is shown, accompanied by a new controller equipped with an accelerometer and haptic feedback. The presentation, intended for internal use, discusses other long-term plans, such as Hypothesis a “a generation of hybrid games that can take advantage of combined power [d’une console] and cloud »described as “Next Generation” for Microsoft consoles.

The documents, attributed to Microsoft subsidiary ZeniMax Media and dated to 2020, mention a number of previously unannounced games such as Doom Year Zero, Ghostwire: Tokyo 2 or Dishonored 3, as well as remasters ofoblivion and from Fallout 3. Among those older documents is an e-mail dated the summer of 2020 titled “Random Thought,” an informal conversation between company executives discussing Microsoft’s acquisition of Japanese giant Nintendo, which it believed would be ” good choice “ and that Microsoft would “The American company that does it best”.

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