Xi Jinping calls on the world to OPEN to science and technology partnerships with China

Xi made the comments as he addressed the opening ceremony of the Zhongguancun Forum and attended the event via video link on Friday. This year’s forum, on the theme “Intelligence, health and carbon neutrality” takes place from September 24-28.

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around the world and climate change tops national agendas, the president urged the world to be open to science and technology and strengthen cooperation in pursuing common targets.

“It is more necessary than ever for all countries to accelerate openness and cooperation in science and technology, and to explore approaches and means to address critical global problems through concerted efforts. and technology” said Xi.

All countries must work together to meet the common challenges of our time and jointly advance the noble cause of human peace and development.

Xi added that China will continue its efforts to “Strengthening international scientific and technological exchanges with a more open attitude”.

“We will promote the commercialization of research results, cultivate a new momentum for economic development, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, create a first-class innovation ecosystem, and promote the concept of ‘science and technology for good’ to achieve the ultimate goals of improving the global governance of science and technology and improving the well-being of humanity”, said the chairman.

The Zhongguancun Forum brings together leading scientists and senior researchers in the field of advanced technology. This year, about 400 foreign participants from about 40 countries are taking part in the event. About 500 technology companies also participate in the forum and present their latest projects.

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