Zootopia at Shanghai Disneyland will open in 2023. December 20

Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and more Zootopia friends ready to welcome guests to this living, breathing metropolis of mammals

SHANGHAI, in 2023 October 24 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Disney Resort today announced the opening of the world’s first Zootopia-themed land, which also marks the eighth themed land at Shanghai Disneyland in 2023 December 20. The much-awaited new land will welcome guests of all ages to a colorful and bright world Zootopiawhere “anyone can be anything”.

Based on the hugely successful Walt Disney Animation Studios animated film, Zootopia, immersive experiences await every guest as soon as they set foot on Manė Street. Based on Shanghai Disney Resort’s guiding principle of “Authentically Disney, Uniquely Chinese,” this fully activated land seamlessly blends Disney’s signature storytelling and creativity with innovative, state-of-the-art technology. Zootopia will bring this beloved film and its characters to life through innovative entertainment, merchandise, food and beverage offerings, a main attraction and more.

Over the years, talents from around the world have collaborated to create this dynamic city that immerses guests in a holistic experience at every touchpoint. To extend Disney’s legendary standards of guest service to this new land, Cast Members undertake extensive preparations to test and fine-tune the entire Zootopia experience to be ready for action. In the weeks leading up to the official opening, Disney Cast Members and other invited attendees will sample select offerings on specific dates and help create a magical experience for everyone once the land officially opens.

A new exciting attraction will be introduced during the opening, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, where guests will “jump” into an all-terrain cruiser powered by an off-road driving system for an action-packed chase through different Zootopia neighborhoods, as well as several new themed attractions, character moments and more.

In the windows Zootopia Park Apartments, a group of animal residents will interact with each other and guests throughout the day, appearing from time to time in this unique atmospheric show. Guests won’t want to miss a visit Fashion according to Fru Fruowned merchandise store Fru Fruthe most famous Zootopia trendy, or enjoy delicious food and drink offerings from the simple country to eat.

At the opening, guests will be encouraged to identify their favorite Zootopia animal residents as they explore and embrace the fascinating story Zootopia through the sophisticated and metropolitan atmosphere that defines the immersive experiences of the land. It will be a place for guests to embark on a journey of courage and determination, where anyone can be anythingg.

SOURCE Shanghai Disney Resort

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